There’s nothing like free stuff …

Many of the plants we grow and sell are highly photogenic with their startling colours and unusual appearance. We’ve selected a few such photographs to present here, designed as postcards that you can download and print for yourself if you wish.

Downloading postcards
To download your own printable versions of the postcard series, select any of the miniatures shown below by clicking on it. It will automatically download the full-size postcard to your computer.

These image files are standard PDF files and of high quality. They may take a minute or more to download.

To print one after it is on your computer, open the file in any graphical program and print at 100% (in Adobe Acrobat, that means Scaling is set to ‘None’). The postcards are 200mm by 125mm in size. Heavy photo-quality paper or light card will deliver the best results.

The cards
Click on any miniature to download a full-size postcard to your computer.

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