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Please note that I no longer have a printed catalogue. The catalogue is what you see in these website pages.

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I stock only small numbers of each plant species. I am not a high production wholesale nursery. This means that some lines may sell out quickly. To check on the availability of things that interest you … email me, or ring me on 09 407 1906. If things are out of stock, then it is quite possible that I will produce some more fairly soon. I now personally propagate nearly all the plants that I sell.

Opening times
You can visit on most days from 10 till 5, and sometimes on Sundays from 2 to 5. All visits should be by prior appointment.

I can courier plants to you. There is an additional charge for my packaging beyond the cost of the plant, plus whatever the courier company (Aramex) charges me. As an indication, my standard box size with a plant or plants in it goes to an Auckland address at a cost of a bit over $20. There is an additional $10 fee to cover the cost of the sturdy box, itself made in a standard size to my specifications.

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