Exotic Fruit Plants

An exotic fruit lunch, 11 April 2019. Two from plants in ground outdoors, two from in ground under plastic for added warmth, and cheese from a cool frig. Banana, Asimina, Papaya, Mango, Edam.

Exotic Fruit Plants for Sale
Till late 2011 Nestlebrae Exotics had three biggish categories of fruit plants, and many other exotic fruit plants available. The three big categories were: bananas, citrus fruits, and macadamias. Then there was a catch-all category for the rest. However, at the end of 2011, we
closed our nursery on South Kaipara Head near Helensville.

From 2012 a strictly limited array of fruiting plants has been available from my current location near Kerikeri. Concentration is on casimiroas, cherimoyas, a range of edible (and ornamental) bananas, and some other exotics such as jaboticabas and Davidson’s Plums and…well, go and see!

Please enquire further — you can email me by clicking here. But first, it will help if you have a look for relevant plants first, and read the information about them, on this website.

Click below for each of these three categories … and click for other entries on the flower pictures to your right. That should take you to things beside fruiting plants, especially hibiscus.
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