Plant Orders

I do not have a detailed order form for my plants. Usually there is discussion first in email or phone exchanges between the customer and myself.

These less common fruit plants, plus my hibiscus flowers for sale, may need some more information flow to confirm things such as availability, growth habits, when to plant, prices for varying sizes, and so on.

Yes, you can call in to see the plants growing on the property, and also those for sale, beforehand. Do this by prior arrangement of an appointment with me. I am not always available, and then the nursery side of things is closed.

I send plants all over New Zealand by using Aramex Couriers. They have a depot about 5 kms from where I live. Plants go in a standard heavy duty cardboard box which I get made up to my specified dimensions. I pass on a box fee to the customer, and also Aramex’s delivery charges to go with the cost of the plants.